1 Dec 2012

Blogvent Calendar - Day 1 - How early is too early?

Whatever time you begin preparing for Christmas, it always seems that people are irritated by what others do. If you leave things until last minute, you get frowned upon and lectured on how you should have things sorted by now and if you begin in the middle of the year, you get told, "it's too early", "it's not Christmas time yet".

So bloody what?

If I want to eat candy canes in the middle of June and play Christmas songs in November, it's my choice. Generally, people seem to wait until December but I'm way too impatient for that! Christmas is exciting and I think that if you want to start celebrating early, go for it! At least you're not the miserable one condemning others for having fun!


  1. I never let anyone decide when I should do anything. Well, except my wife but she is usually content to let me be me.

  2. I've only been allowed to watch Christmas films recently. :( It saddens me.

  3. I agree....infact there is no harm in being the mood early for something special!
    I could say more but I am currently distracted by the smexy calender pin up tree...hmm dat tree! XD

  4. I enjoy Christmas, but its easy to get burnt out on. There's only so many times I can cheerfully sing, "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" until I start changing the words because I'm bored. "Deck the Halls" is too easy to change to something naughty to sing it too many times....

    In the end, the problem I have with Christmas early, is simply that its not people's choice, its the corporations who are trying to make money off Christmas. They start shoving it out, and the sheep start gobbling it up. There's a thin line between people choosing to do something out of their own free will, and people following the crowd, blindly.

  5. You make some really good points there although it is the same with any holiday. As soon as Christmas is over, you start seeing the Easter Eggs again! So yeah, in that sense I do see why celebrating too early can be a bad thing. You just have to use your common sense and not get sucked into the commercialisation side of things.

    I mean, I don't go around wearing full christmas gear and singing carols, but I also don't religiously wait for a certain date to start getting excited. I'm too easily excited.